The slutry redhaed Bethany part 2

Posted: 3 ans ago

The slutry redhaed Bethany part 2 (FOR PART 1) . Our very popular, FTV Exclusive sultry natural redhead Bethany returns for another adventure shoot! Flying in from New York, we see her flash at the airport, then go shopping for clothes at a department store, flashing some more over there. She gets a little flirtatious at home, but we put her to bed, and watch her fresh next morning ready for some masturbation and public nudity action! We meet her at a fancy mall, and she's wearing a gorgeous yellow dress and sandals. Soon enough we're getting upskirt and downblouse views... but that's not enough she starts crawling butt naked all around the malls' hallway floor! After breakfast, she masturbates on the mall steps and ends up with a squirting orgasm and visible vaginal contractions. Walking barefoot and naked through a fancy office area, we enjoy her naked form until she puts on another sexy dress with white wedges, and has us follow her sexy butt to a bench where she uses a summer squash like a toy. The thing is very wide, and it pushes her limits as to how much it can stretch her while inside! Then she shows off her sporty side, jogging in hot, tight little sportswear, which doesn't stay on for long... watch those breasts bounce as she runs! Back home, she uses the Vibraking Toy to another strong squirting orgasm and strong vaginal contractions. On the next morning, we watch her wake up with a smile, play with her sexy breasts & butt, then fire up the Eroscillator toy to a very strong orgasm and strong vaginal contractions (with a lot more squirting too). She then fingers her wetness, she seems to always be super juicy inside -- and tries four fingers deep. We then do a breakfast, where talks more about her sex life, and that's with her breasts out, right in the middle a cafe with people having breakfast! She is then seen wearing the skimpiest pink bikini poolside, exposing her sexy butt and breasts, wedging between her outer labia... then she takes both her top and bottom and stuffs them inside her vagina! Eventually completely inside her, she slowly pulls them out and puts them back on. Kinky! Back out near a golf course, we see her strip down naked, put on her seethrough white dress, and parade around doing cartweels with that sexy form exposed. She looks so hot in that golden sunset... Those sexy red heels she's wearing end up coming off, and she gets super kinky again by stuffing her sexy heel deep inside her vagina! She ends up fucking herself with it. Then she tries her first anal experience -- using a chain of anal beads, going very deep with them. She seems to have fun with it... Later that night, we go out on a 'date', and watch her tease us with very sexy black leather pants, black corset, black heels -- totally her style of wear. Those breasts keep falling out! Enjoy Bethany's second shoot, it might be even sexier than her first!

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